Tier/PSL Solution

We fully commit to finding and supporting the best solution to our clients to assist with their targets. Our business development team works in partnership to understand unique requirements and develop a tailored solution.

One option that may be viable is a Tiered/Preferred Supplier List (PSL) Solution. A prefered supplier list allows you to choose the number and which agencies you want to work with. You have control of the supply chain and can choose agencies based on their quality and capabilities. A further step may be to tier the chosen agencies on the basis of their performance.
A Sole Tier 1 arrangement offers more control than a Tiered/PSL solution and can be an interim step between a Tiered/PSL solution and a Master Vendor. As the name suggest a singular agency is appointed to Tier 1 and the other suppliers placed on Tier 2, Tier 3 etc. The Sole Tier 1 agency, as the primary approved supplier, aims to fill the majority of the requirements if any remain unfilled they are then cascaded.

Overview Tiered/PSL Solution

  • Full visibility of suppliers
  • Ability to limit the number of suppliers
  • Supply chain based on quality, capability and performance
  • Reduce administration for recruitment and finance processes
  • Recommendations of appropriate numbers for Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers


  • Control over the supply chain
  • Candidate compliance and quality assurance
  • Strong understanding of specific client requirements and vision
  • Develop and build an intimate relationship¬†
  • Reduction to some of the direct costs of recruitment