Nurses Revalidation

Nurses and midwives wishing to renew and maintain their registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) will now need to participate in the Revalidation process set out by the NMC. The process encourages nurses and midwives to practice safely and effectively as well as to reflect on the in their practice.  

Nurses and midwives will undergo Revalidation every three years and the process promotes good practice for both nurses and midwives and it encourages patients and the public to provide feedback about the care received from nurses.

Revalidation aims to

  • Raise awareness of the Code and allows nurses and midwives to reflect on this in their own practice.
  • Encourage nurses and midwives to stay up to date with their continuous professional development.
  • Assure patients and the public, employers, other healthcare providers, and other health professionals that registered nurses are practising to the appropriate professional standards.

In order to revalidate successfully the below supporting information is a requirement

  • Evidence a minimum of 450 hours in each area of practice since last renewal. 900 hours if registrant holds dual registrations as nurse and midwife.
  • 35 hours of continuing professional development out of which 20 hours must include participatory training.
  • 5 pieces of practice related feedback.
  • 5 written reflective accounts
  • Reflective discussion with an NMC registered nurse/midwife covering the 5 reflective accounts.

If you are uncertain of the requirements for revalidation please contact our specialist revalidation team for further guidance.

For more information please contact the Revalidation team on 0198 545 862.