Rota/Bank Management

We are able to assist you in workforce planning and management through the provision of our rota/bank management service. Effective workforce planning and management can create substantial savings while reducing the reliance on agency staff. Our experienced staff will work in collaboration with you to understand current functionality and assess how and where developments can be made.


  • Workforce planning to reduce the overall reliance on agency staffing
  • Management of requirements to reduce the occurrences of urgent shifts which may cause ‘break glass’ rates
  • Fully customisable Management Information reports for full visibility
  • Supply chain management
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Rate management working in line with NHS Improvement
  • Our finance team works with the client to develop an effective finance process improving efficiencies


  • Improved compliance process
  • Substantial financial Savings
  • Tangible time savings
  • Refined finance process
  • Reduced reliance on agency staff
  • Reduced occurrences of rate escalation