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Humber NHS Foundation Trust

Key drivers

Humber were looking to reduce their agency spend through an effective implementation of the NHS Improvement (NHSI) Capped Rates. They also wanted to create savings through revising the permanent recruitment process and strict enforcement of Direct Engagement.


Included within our Master Vendor strategy are regular review meetings, during those with Humber we discussed having greater control over the Master Vendor. This has included, but not been limited to, more accurate feedback regarding spend, regulation of the secondary agencies supply, proof of process such as step by steps during outsourcing, and the implementation of the NHS Improvement (NHSI) Cap Rates.

We worked with Humber to formulate an approved list of secondary agencies which was based on their regional presence and ability to work in line with NHSI rules.


We have proactively price conditioned candidates who are proposed to Humber to ensure that they are aware of market conditions. Several bookings followed the introduction of the capping process during the phased period and while some remain at the NHSI February Cap Rate bookings are also occurring at the NHSI April Cap Rate. Escalations above capped rates are only approved when required and we work with Humber to ensure that they remain within the previous capped rates and all required information is obtained to assist with NHSI reporting.

The use of secondary agencies has been limited with Humber ensuring that control has been maintained of the supply chain. A step by step process is being created and will be provided to them for a fuller understanding.

As standard within our Master Vendors we provide monthly Management Information (MI) covering all aspects as required by the client; effectively acting as feedback to bookings, costs and term of the vacancy. The insight that the MI gives can create savings and improve process efficiencies as it is an empirical account of the functionality of the processes so areas of improvement can be identified and solutions created. 

Our fill rate within the Master Vendor is consistently above 90%.