Master Vendor

Our Master Vendor service offers the most streamlined recruitment solution. Our team will work in partnership with you to understand the requirements and develop the solution to suit you.

The Master Vendor service removes the administration of agencies away from you. We work in collaboration to select secondary agencies but beyond that the booking and finance processes will go through us. For you there will be one order, fulfilment, timesheet, invoice and performance management process. With the processes going through us we can also work with you to streamline processes such as timesheets and invoicing where with clients we have implemented paperless processes.

You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will be a single point of contact; they will also be able to provide an onsite presence to assist your internal staff. Regular review meetings ensure you are fully satisfied with the service you are being provided.


  • Centralised processes
  • Complete transparency and simple subcontractor process
  • Control of supply through chosen framework
  • Strict adherence to compliance standards, rate stipulations and NHS Improvement requirements
  • Increased rota planning and cost control


  • Improved compliance process
  • Substantial financial Savings
  • Tangible time savings
  • Refined finance process – one invoice, paperless timesheets and invoicing