Our compliance team are committed to making the recruitment process quick and simple so that you can start working in the fastest time possible. Upon registration, you will be assigned a dedicated Compliance Consultant who will assist you through the process and ensure you remain up to date with the compliance requirements.

With some of the best candidates in the UK across all specialties coupled with our extensive and clear vetting processes, it is little surprise NHS clients come to us with their requirements.

Our experienced team have worked across a number of NHS framework agreements, developing a strong understanding of each specialty ensuring we maintain a database of high quality candidates.

Why is compliance important

Maintaining our high-quality compliance standard is essential in the service we provide. While the process may seem tedious and scrupulous the pre-screening checks provide a benefit to both you and our clients, and are part of our responsibility.

As a framework agency, we have standards for compliance that we are required to meet. Through the dedication of the compliance team we regularly go above and beyond these requirements ensuring that you are fully up to date with your training and exceeding the standards. The success of our compliance team is reflected in our market leading audit scores where we are achieving platinum status, or equivalent, as a minimum.

Compliance is an important part of protecting you and ourselves when you go out to work. Certifying that you are fully up to date with training helps to ensure patient safety but also that you are following the most recent guidelines and techniques protecting yourself.

In addition, the mandatory training can assist with your CPD (Continuing Personal/Professional Development) points. We also will signpost you to opportunities that are available.

Maintaining compliance

All your compliance documents are held on record and expiry dates recorded. When an element is due to expire, you will be contacted by your Compliance Consultant to arrange a meeting to renew your compliance. This can be done at a time, day and location at your convenience.

The team hold regular open days at our office and across the UK. When one is being conducted in your area you will be contacted by your consultant if it is advisable for you to attend.